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Why are you working to bring more people into social science research?

It's deeply personal for me. I only found out about social science research in the later years of my undergraduate career, after bouncing around different STEM majors. Once exposed, I actually became more interested in using math to solve complex problems that benefited me and my community. Hopefully, by exposing students early in their academic careers to social science research will help galvanize their interest in using their skills to propel the field and society forward.

What are some of the benefits students will get from developing their research abilities?

There are too many to list, but I believe the main benefit students will get is developing and effectively leveraging an analytical approach to solving problems, which is applicable in the their lives and research.

What do you hope students will take away from PREDOC's offerings?

I hope that students will take away that there is a space for their voice and perspective in social science, and that there is a dedicated community of leaders in the field committed to their success.