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Invest in the future of social science research

Social science modeling often relies on idealized markets, where decision-makers are fully rational, auctions are frictionless, and information is perfect.  The real world, of course, doesn’t often work that way.  For reasons having nothing to do with merit, brilliant students—students who could be the Nobel Prize winners of tomorrow—are not finding their way to PhD programs in the quantitative social sciences.  They may not have a mentor steering them toward the right preparatory coursework.  Their college may not provide them with the opportunity to work as a research assistant.  They may not even know that pre-docs exist.  PREDOC is making investments to change that. Your support of PREDOC’s mission allows us to fund:

  • Problem-based coursework in research methods that takes the theoretical toolkit students have developed in their coursework and puts it to practice on real-world data;
  • Research assistantships that give students hands-on experience and mentorship opportunities;
  • Conferences and information sessions to explain how research careers work, to get all applicants on the same page;
  • Technical and professional development opportunities for both students and current pre-docs considering applying to PhD programs;
  • Resources for pre-doc programs to help them design systems to identify the most highly qualified candidates in the world, regardless of whether they come from “traditional” academic backgrounds;

And much more. With your help, we can make the academic pipeline more like those idealized markets—and even the playing field in the process.  Contact us at today to start a conversation of how you can invest in the future of social science research.