Economics impacts us daily

In the news, we hear about the rising devastation due to climate change, industry disruptions due to generative AI, and inflation, to name just a few pressing topics business and economic researchers study. Business and economics researchers study these issues by employing vast amounts of data, computer analysis, and analytical models to guide their findings and develop policy suggestions. Their job is to provide cost and benefit analysis, offer guidance to governments on best policies, educate business leaders on best practices, and in general help people make the best choices using sound research.  

Big questions, many disciplines

Research in business and economics is highly interdisciplinary and draws scholars from disciplines such as Economics, Psychology, Mathematics, Statistics, History, Accounting, Computer Science, Sociology, Engineering, and many others. Because the questions economics and business researchers tackle are so large, an interdisciplinary approach is necessary to find the right answers. Here is a sample of the questions asked by researchers in business and economics. 

Two men and a woman discussing a project at the whiteboard

Interested? Here's how to learn more.

Interested? Here's how to learn more.

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