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Why did you decide to pursue research experiences during your undergrad?

I was greatly inspired by the research papers that we read in my economics classes, and the faculty lectures that I attended. I admired how economists used theoretical and empirical models to answer policy relevant questions, and became deeply interested in developing my knowledge of economics and programming skills to participate in similar research projects.

What have your experiences with research been like?

I have greatly enjoyed all of my research experiences. During the summer of 2022, I participated in the summer research program in the economic department at my college, Wellesley College, helping in projects related to taxation, insurance, and gender outcomes in academia. During the summer of 2023, I worked at the UChicago Energy and Environment Lab, helping in projects related to air pollution and methane leak detection. The coding, communication, and writing skills developed through these projects empowered me to work on a thesis during my senior year at Wellesley. 

What got you involved in

I participated in the PREDOC x Opportunity Insights course during the summer of 2022, where I attended lectures by the Opportunity Insights economists, developed my coding and data analysis skills, and got a chance to work on and to present my own empirical project. 

What do you hope other students might take away from's offerings?

PREDOC offers a treasure of resources for students interested in academic research paths in the social sciences. My favorite events include the PRE workshop (the annual workshop for students interested in applying for predoctoral programs), and the office hours (Zoom Q&A sessions with social science professors). I also highly recommend exploring the resources on the PREDOC website, especially the sample data tasks for predoctoral program applications, the data analysis course, and the GRE preparation course. I'm also grateful for the regular PREDOC newsletter about the research opportunities.